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AeroSupplierLocator connects buyers to suppliers. We match the capabilities of Aerospace Component Manufacturers with the needs of customers. Aerospace OEM’s use this site:
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Thanks so much for allowing me to look at your website pre-release. I think this is going to be a fantastic tool for engineers… having so much information in one place, rather than surfing the internet. This opens so many more doors into the supplier realm we didn't even know existed. This will allow us to pin point what we are looking for, which saves us a tremendous amount of time. Great job to you and your team!

John S.

Engineering Specialist for a Major US OEM

For Engineers &
Procurement Pros

The Subsystems RoadmapTM lets users easily find potential aerospace companies by component type. Simply select the appropriate subsystem, then locate and click on the component of interest… It’s that simple!
Each of the capable aerospace suppliers in our database has its own listing page. Listings provide a summary of contact information & company facts. This helps you determine which suppliers to investigate further.
You can even take & store notes about your searches. (print or download them too!)
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For Aerospace Component Manufacturers

If your company manufactures aerospace components, list it here. Why? Because Engineers and Procurement Pros use this site to find the products that you manufacture! To add your aerospace company’s listing:

First, click View All Suppliers to see if your company is already listed.

If listed, click Claim My Listing for further instructions.

If not listed, click Add My Listing.

Why AeroSupplierLocator?

In the Aerospace Manufacturing Business, it doesn’t matter what you’re designing. A miniature surveillance drone or a medical transport helicopter. A 6th generation fighter or a long-haul commercial jet. Each is a unique collection of the same basic Aircraft Subsystems. Subsystems are the building blocks of aircraft design. So it only makes sense to organize a “Capabilities” Directory of Aerospace Companies using subsystems!

THE Subsystems RoadmapTM

AeroSupplierLocator solicited technical expertise from a diverse mix of subject matter experts. The Subsystems RoadmapTM is the result of this collaboration. Nearly 1000 (and growing) unique aerospace subsystem components to choose from!

The results speak for themselves

Use of The Subsystems RoadmapTM enables buyers and engineers to quickly and easily pinpoint the exact supplier skillsets they are looking for. Every Aerospace Company in our directory is a manufacturer. Search results are super accurate, without the irrelevant clutter! Why not try it out for yourself? Once you use The Subsystems RoadmapTM you won’t want to conduct aerospace supplier capability searches any other way!

Attention Aerospace Suppliers

Does your Aerospace company’s website accurately describe all your capabilities or does it simply “hit the high spots”? The Subsystems RoadmapTM provides aerospace suppliers with nearly 1000 unique sales opportunities. Simply claim (or add) your aerospace company’s profile and select all applicable aerospace components. It is that easy!